Welcome to YBSIC

Let’s not pretend this is a moon landing or the discovery of the Shroud of Turin. It’s a blog. Granted, it’ll be a damned interesting blog. Possibly influential among world leaders. It might even change your life. But will it dramatically alter the course of history? It’d be silly to put odds of it at better than 50-50.

ImageMore to the point, what can you expect to read about when you visit Your Boss Said It’s Cool? Sports and humor, mostly. But other stuff, too: music, TV, movies, some politics, plenty of bitching about advancing age/creeping death — especially as it pertains to old-man athletics — and whatever else comes up, including random personal indulgences that you can expect to alternately amuse and annoy you.

Oh, and beer. Beer will most definitely be a theme.

So if an existential crisis plunges you into a dark place from which you can be rescued only by a treatise on, say, the NBA players we’d be least comfortable sharing a hot tub with, or if you just have five minutes to kill, bookmark us and return often to find out what silly shit we’re nattering on about.

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