Cripes, just throw it in the blue bin

Never thought I’d be citing Flea (even second-hand) on climate change:

It’s simple: Even if you don’t agree that climate change is happening or that it’s man-made — and the evidence is pretty overwhelming that both are true; just ask a scientist — it requires little effort for individuals to make basic behavioral changes to immediately influence the presumed issue. You don’t even need to like snow or polar bears to have a vested interest.

Skeptics, let’s say for the sake of argument that we don’t know what the answer is (or even whether there’s a problem) right now, but that you’ll ultimately be proven right: Humans aren’t jerking around Mother Nature — it’s the other way around. Still, in the meantime, how hard is it to throw your plastics into a separate container from your garbage? If you’re a hard-liner acting on principle, think of chucking your empty water bottles into the blue bin as hedging your bets. But decline out of spite, and you aren’t an iconoclast or a patriot. You’re just a douche.

If you consider the climate issue to be another case of Big Government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong — they’re coming for our barometers! — think of it this way: What if the Second Amendment was a constitutional right for Americans to bear affordable fruits, vegetables, poultry and meat, plus freedom from the tyranny of cataclysmic weather patterns that create super-charged tornadoes, hurricanes and other, more complex city-destroying phenomena? I presume you’re now on board.

C’mon, brothers: Let’s make ’em pry our rechargeable batteries from our cold, dead hands.

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