Why it’s a good thing to give a sit


Let it be known that when the villagers spilled into the night to lay siege to the windmill, they arrived not carrying pitchforks and torches but with Sunday Ticket packages and 8-ounce, coozie-wrapped cans of America.

These are weird times.

Leave it to the NFL and its punch-drunk puritanical fan base to transmogrify a discount-bin NFL backup quarterback into The Monster. And not a minute too soon! Of the manifold crimes committed by league employees in the past year alone — multiple arrests for battery, reckless driving, assault and hit-and-run suggest some scope — each pales in comparison to the atrocity of a man who chooses not to participate in an antiquated, out-of-place tradition, a man with the righteous audacity to sit down.

The societal creep of immorality could be borne no more.

Just remember: In the past week-plus, as San Francisco 49ers No. 7 jerseys have screamed off the racks, ESPN morning show screeds migrated to a broader news blitzkrieg, and Twitter and Facebook chummed the waters with opinion — informed and plenty more otherwise — one man seeking fairness found a perfectly legal and nonviolent way to get his voice heard. And no matter what you think of the message, you have thought of it.

In that sense, Colin Kaepernick is more of a patriot than most of us will ever be.

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