About Last Night: Russ the Impaler

Corey Brewer had one job. In his defense, when the Thunder took the ball under their own basket leading Houston 103-100 with 7.1 seconds left in last night's game at Oklahoma City, sticking Russell Westbrook wasn't technically Brewer's job. But after a Domantas Sabonis down screen released Westbrook from Trevor Ariza at the weak-side elbow, the unfortunate task of switching to cover the NBA's resident Weapon... Continue Reading →

About Last Night: Bulls’ ball pressure

Cover sports far and wide enough, for long enough—say, from amateur roller hockey to world-class prizefights—and you soon figure out that less is said, either publicly or privately, the higher up the food chain you climb. A high school freshman tennis star would happily offer up mom and dad's AmEx number for a picture in the local paper, whereas an NFL quarterback guards the identity of his... Continue Reading →

The Cubs couldn’t help themselves – but then they did

Sloppy, stupid, bumbling and bedraggled, last night was as Chicago Cubs as Chicago Cubs gets. It was a parade of near-ineptitude, dragged out by the elements and a sheer ignorance of the elemental. It was dumb and silly and spiteful of all its best intentions. Except for the ending. In between brief moments of thoughtless and rote productivity, the players... Continue Reading →

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