Some hurt can’t be helped

I don’t know how to help my son.

He’s 15. I’m teaching him how to drive. Not long ago, I showed him how to shave that tricky spot under his nose. I’ve taught him to mow the lawn, bait a hook and bang out a proper push-up. Years back, it was throwing a ball, tying his shoes – the usual. I’m his dad. It’s my job to help him with stuff.

But yesterday my son’s friend died.

How does a parent help with that?

It’s agony to lose someone you love before their time. It’s a wicked sort of pain to watch someone you love raked over the coals by those emotions – and to feel helpless to comfort them.

I know my son will be fine. Eventually. But he’ll always feel a terrible ache where a piece is missing. So – and especially – will his friend’s family. Knowing that, and being unable to help ease that sorrow, grinds me into dust.

If you can help, please contribute to the GoFundMe for Malik’s services.

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