Life is hard. So is writing.

And because I’m a stubborn lump, my solution was harder: Meet them both head-on in this blog. These days, I don’t get to write about what I want as often as I’d like. Which is all the more reason to find a way.

In this space, I’ll poke fun. I’ll (attempt to) inform. Because I’m a recovering/relapsed sportswriter, I’ll plunge headlong into subjective expository interpretations of dudes jumping and punching each other and stuff. Beer, movies, dad jokes? I’m here for it. I’ll rise up to shake a furry fist at the gods. I’ll navel-gaze into oncoming traffic. Sometimes you’ll catch me just pissing into the wind.

Feedback? Glad to hear it. And if you like what you read, please follow the blog and share with the world at large. It’s good to connect.

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