#MayMac! OMG! LOL! YOLO?

This won't take a minute. Because tomes have already been written and endless terabytes of audio and video exhausted in the Cannonball Run-style sprint to offer THE OPINION about Saturday's Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor Show of Shite, the less I pile onto the steaming heap the better. Still, there's this: It's not a fight. Tonight's main... Continue Reading →

One man’s plan to beat Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins would be compelling theater even if he weren't pushing a half-century on this Earth and still beating contenders in their fighting primes. And yet here's the great irony of the man: Hopkins' fights, almost without exception, bore to tears. This is as it must be. Hopkins, a skilled boxer and master strategist, can't match the power... Continue Reading →

Is Donaire’s heart still in the fight place?

Guts, sand, grit, chutzpah. Whatever your preferred variant of the concept, we all get what "heart" is supposed to mean -- particularly it's definition when viewed through the prism of prizefighting. And what of Nonito Donaire Jr., who will face Nicholas Walters tonight in Carson, California. Does he have it, heart? Judge for yourself: As... Continue Reading →

Mayweather-Ariza tag team? Don’t bet on it, brother

The boxing-as-professional wrestling trope is a go-to move for far too many modern fight writers, but I understand the easy connection -- especially in the case of an orchestration like Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s under-cover-of-darkness tweet in the wee hours of Friday morning. Mayweather's coy original tweet -- "Alex Ariza stretching the Champ before his 3... Continue Reading →

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