What’s in a tweet?

Twitter isn't a destination for logic seekers. It's a place where respectful exchanges of ideas go to crawl under a dumpster and bleed out. Follow the Twitter rabbit hole past the cat videos and #brandedcontent and duck-lipped, cleavage-girded selfies, and you arrive at a minefield inside an echo chamber that's assiduously monitored by your employer's HR... Continue Reading →

About Last Night: Russ the Impaler

Corey Brewer had one job. In his defense, when the Thunder took the ball under their own basket leading Houston 103-100 with 7.1 seconds left in last night's game at Oklahoma City, sticking Russell Westbrook wasn't technically Brewer's job. But after a Domantas Sabonis down screen released Westbrook from Trevor Ariza at the weak-side elbow, the unfortunate task of switching to cover the NBA's resident Weapon... Continue Reading →

Hey, youth coaches: You aren’t Bill Belichick

I have news that will undoubtedly shock and dismay you, Ditka doppelgänger: Coaching is easy. I realize this revelation is anathema to all that we hold sacred as Americans: the unimpeachable authority of grown men wearing visors and hoodies. Still, we must find a way to carry on. Seriously, coaching -- strategy, the Xs-and-Os stuff... Continue Reading →

Mayweather-Ariza tag team? Don’t bet on it, brother

The boxing-as-professional wrestling trope is a go-to move for far too many modern fight writers, but I understand the easy connection -- especially in the case of an orchestration like Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s under-cover-of-darkness tweet in the wee hours of Friday morning. Mayweather's coy original tweet -- "Alex Ariza stretching the Champ before his 3... Continue Reading →

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